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Sarasota 1910 - 1920's

An  aggressive real estate company in Sarasota, Lord & Edwards, promoted Sarasota in the cold northern cities. Their newspaper ads describe Sarasota as the "wondrous Sarasota region where tracts of land can be purchased at low prices and the weather is beautiful all year". Wealthy northerners attracted to opportunities and beautiful weather traveled to Sarasota. 

John and Mable Ringling

John Ringling purchased a home in 1912, the same time that telephone lines are extended to Siesta Key, where a public beach is opened. Sarasota High School is built for 350 students and the city experienced rapid growth. John has a vision for what can be built in Sarasota to attract people. In 1927 he moved the winter home of the Barnum and Bailey Circus to Sarasota. 

Bertha Potter Palmer

Bertha Palmer came to Sarasota to explore her options for investing in the land and opportunity. She purchased a massive amount of land from Myakka to Venice and started cattle and vegetable farming. She built Eagle Point as a winter hunting and fishing camp. She hired many workers, gardeners, field hands and house employees to create her empire in Sarasota.

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